Nothing is better than being HAPPY

Things happen to you , me and all of us and at times some really bad things happens . It’s quite natural to react,  to act as if you’re the only one getting affected each time.  We all priortise ourselves and why shouldn’t we.

The contradicting statement that arises is that we priortise ourselves. No, we don’t.  If only you priortise yourself everytime , there wouldn’t be a matter of grief or sadness ever. What we do is to be someone else.

Many of us will simply disagree that we don’t try to be someone else and posess a very individual lifestyle. Is it really true? Whom are you trying to fool ?  Again Yourself….

Even when you comb your hair, it’s not really you. Okay, tell me…. Do you comb your hair before going to sleep or going to washroom? Do you Dress the same while at home compared to when you go in some hi-fi parties? Do you really like yourself as you are or you always need to edit your pictures before uploading them?

I know that this was too harsh but then Reality would not be easy to face. If you can be true to yourself , believe me you can win anything in this world. Trying to fool yourself would never ever lead any of us to anywhere worth.

Looking good is not a crime anyway, sorry for that but what I want to signify is that there are very small things which we do to seek attention , to live a life which would be desired by others or the way they want to see you.

All of us know that no one would listen or agree to you unless and until you speak what they want to hear from you. So, let me be very clear in stating that even trying to impress these kinds of people isn’t worth. You have one life and you should lead it being happy all the time. Being happy is what we should do everytime and we do the just opposite.

A very simple funda for making yourself happy is to listen to Yourself before anyone. Priortising yourself would not make you selfish , it would make you a REAL YOU.



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