Learn to leave…

Chances are that at any moment of life we want to leave somethings behind us.  We always want some of the things to just vanish away from our life like they never existed.

Be it some of the bad memories related to some incident in our past which we want to forget or most of the times a person whom we loved and now we want to move on ( teenagers mostly ). Initially , it seems easy as if we would be able to do this very easily and forget it like nothing.

The main work comes when we literally try to do it. The more we try , the more stuck we become.  The more we try to delete a memory, the more it gets processed in our minds. We think even badly about it and hurt ourselves. This bane makes you feel weak and guilty.

So, the question arises is how to do it? How to just get rid of these things which made our past not so successful or those people who just not worked right for us ( as we Wanted them to ) ?

The answer is very simple to agree with  and the most difficult ever in one’s life to at upon. Believe yourself because nothing is stronger than self belief. If you start to believe that you came alone and have to go alone back to from where you came then you can easily realise that you are just wasting your life over some worthless issues.

We waste our life in things which would hardly make any difference now in future but played an important role in our pasts. We never realise that what all beautiful memories we can still make in our life.

It all matters that how much you value yourself .

So, ask yourself that how do you rate yourself ? What do you feel is your worth? What do you expect for you in this life?

I’m sure we all respect ourselves.  Why shouldn’t we? We have all reasons to be happy and now we need to see the possible ways to be happy, to be contented.

Now what…. Do what you feel is worth and don’t let other’s opinion make a say in your life. After all whatever happens to us, we are responsible….. so let us make ourself responsible of something WORTH , something that makes us REAL US.


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  1. Beautiful post. We all have our different definition of happiness, but as long as we appreciate the little things in life, I think we can reach total contentment.

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    1. Well said…. Thanks a load. 😊


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