No failures , No Success

It doesn’t matters how much hard you are trying to be a successful person , you just would not be able to become one unless and until you taste Failure. The fire which the taste of failure can ignite would not be equivalent to any source of inspiration in the whole world.

As per me , Whatever happens to us is all What we Wanted to happen with us . We made it happen and now we regret because the initial effects are not so fruitful as per our knowledge. No one thinks about that seed which is still under the ground all set for turning into a plant.  All those extreme conditions it went through…. this is all what we see then.


I would be easily explaining my point with the help of some very common examples of our lifestyles.

We failed…. okay. But this never means that we would stop trying for . Who knows next time you turn up better. Chances are that you would learn from your mistakes which turned you into a failure and would not let you repeat them. Apparently your failure would become your weapon which others would not have.

A person who is rich and let us assume that he never ever faced any failures in his life (not possible) would be living a happy life only till it’s an easy going. The moment a tough situation arises, he would try to fight with it with all what he have but chances are that he might Fail….. This thing would make him strong for rest of his life (ready actually). But if you would have been at his place then you would have been able to tackle the situation very smoothly because you have once failed at this point and knows how to deal with this now. This proves that your Faiure has worked for you.

The fact that comes into limelight now is that…… what have you learnt of your mistake ? What have you done or improved in yourself so that you don’t repeat this again ?

Wake up and think practical. Gone are those days when people fear to show the real themselves to the world. The world is full of people who wants to showcase what they have , no matter that they fail a hundred times and a hundred more…. what the world would remember is that they tried. They would get perfect in whatever they want to…. but they need to TRY….. so do YOU .

Do FAIL but Don’t repeat for the same. ☺



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