Love will never die…

Those old sweet moments would just never lose their charm ever. Those memories which seems so crazy now would just never erase. EVERYTHING WAS JUST SO ADORABLE.

Have you been in love with someone so much that you just can’t forget them. A mere attempt to forget them makes you remember them even strongly and the desire to have them becomes even harder ?

No matter if you really spent a good time with them in the past or that you just want them though you never succeded in having a moment along with them…. that love never does.

We make out lives complicated by making various issues and then regretting for them as if we would never do it again but still when everything seems to be perfect on…. we do it again.

WHY…?? Some of us would have to argue for the point that these complications strengthens the relations and others would say that it was  necessary part. What we don’t understand is that all we do…. our egos makes us to do. The ego which would let us reach nowhere .

This is your life and no one knows till when is it yours. Why not let each one of them know heartily those you love?  Why not show it from the deepest of your heart’s voice that you love them?

Telling your heart out won’t let you insult yourself. It would only reflect a positive you , a REAL YOU. Why to gake things when you can make them result in something better? Why not to make your life a better place when you can easily do it?

Think it…. give yourself time. Think straight and utilise this life to make the best fruit of it. This world is very small for the people who value their ego more and feelings less. Don’t become one…. 😊



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