Value what you have…

Doesn’t matters whatever we have, all we do is to criticize the things and wish for something that we don’t have or more precisely which others have .

Everytime you look at others  who are happy . I don’t know if they are really happy or just posing so. Still, let us assume that they are and from their happiness, we are the one who gets jealous. We want to posses what we can’t and just doesn’t  understand the worth of what we have and should value.

There’s always something in each one of us that we can be proud of. Theres always those great things in each one of our lives that we can be thankful of to someone like an ideal god.  What matters is the perception we have about us, about our lifestyle.

No matter whatever we achieve in our lives we would never remain happy with this same perception of life. No matter if you get the most scarce thing in this world but that satisfaction would never come from within unless and until you’ll realise that Each gem is not yours. This fact have been discussed by me in my previous posts and still I keep on stressing on this fact beacause it’s just not to say but to believe, to practice.

So, what are you waiting for to happen. This is your moment and make the best of it. Why to just hover on things which doesn’t makes you happy and just not let you being satisfied of whatever you posses.

Why don’t we choose to remain happy though we might have many odd problems which could not match to any one else’s ( as we always believe ) . Why not to just change our peceptions the way we want them to…. the way they will make us happy…. make us really US. Stay happy , Stay connected. 😊


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  1. Good advice..ha..ha! 🙂


    1. I’m glad you liked it. 😊


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