How Does It Matters…

Your life, Your choices…. why do a 2nd person would have any say in whatsoever you do or don’t ?

I hope each one of us realises the importance of the fact that we have only one life to do what we like.  There will always be people who don’t want you as you are and there are various possible reasons for the same.

Around 80% people in this world don’t want others to succeed,  to have what they could not, to do what they won’t be able to. People are jealous as we too are at times and its no new thing.

Yet, the thing which remains as it is… we know that what we do is what we like…. for us we do what we were ought to and would always be right ( unless you’re a nerd ) . Then , why do still we care of what people have to say about us ?

Those who always keeps on worrying about what would people think about them if they did this or that could never remain happy , believe me. You must have noticed this fact yourself and still aren’t able to get out of this vicious circle.

It sounds easy but I’m the contrary it’s the most difficult part of the life which each one of us have to face. Difference comes in the way we react. As long as the reactions of our actions plays the governing role in our lives, we could never be happy and would never achieve what we want to and certainly could have.

To make a difference,  to make this world a better place for us to live…. Let’s just assume that we are always right. Let’s just be US for a moment.

It needs confidence. Confidence in your actions. Urge to do it. Most importantly , you should believe that whatever you’re gonna do would make you happy , make your life better…. if it comes from within , then surely you’re right and no matter what the have to say…. HOW DOES IT MATTERS?


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