Let The World Say….

Do you really have all world’s time to keep listening to what every second idiot has to say about you ?  Well , If you ask me I would say  ‘NO’ and expects the same from anyone else too.

How would it matter what your   compeititiors have to say about you? I used the word compeititior not because I’m talking of some lame competitions here but because this whole life would seem to you a competition. Each and every individual is compeiting with you in one or the other field.

NO one in this world came with the whole lot of knowledge.  We learn everything. We gain experience from things which happens to us or from things which happens to others.  I prefer the latter one though 😜.

This simply implies that NO one holds the right to counsel you about what is right for you and what not. Let yourself face this world and know what’s all for you here is.

The world would not be happy of you ever. Everyone would complain . Even God, not everyone is happy of god (if someone exists)… people do complain because that’s what they are ought to do when they can’t do anything better.

Just believe in yourself and move forward.

Who says you can’t be perfect?  Who says you can’t be worth it?

You can be… and you will be.




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