It Didn’t COME Yet…

It’s the fourth night now and I still have the living  hope that the call would come at any ticking second.

My phone…. I’ve been staring towards it since these 4 days , 24X7.
Somehow, the phone would not just ring.
Each and every other call hyper me now.
I’ve been sick…. real sick you know. That little trust I have on her,  does not lets me sleep till late nights. I’ve been thinking to call her all this time.

I don’t have her contact actually else I would have called her a thousand times and more. I know she too don’t have my number but then she only messaged that she would call.
I don’t know.

Would this mean, she was just trying to get rid of me at that embarassing moment when she was not able to figure out what to reply.

She didn’t even notice that she don’t have my contact… neither did I.

Am I a fool? Yes, I am but I don’t expect her to be one.
She said she would call……… I can’t wait more.
No, I am not going to do something big now but just sleep early. I mean I would just lay on my bed early today and try to sleep which I’ve not done since these 72 hours.


What does she thinks of me…. Dumb?
Did I prove to be one ?
I don’t mind If I am.

I don’t mind if she calls me on the last day of my life too.
I Love her and every second waiting for her is worth….


……………………………………. To be continued



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