Each Gem Is NOT Yours…


Yes, whether you accept it or not… It’s damn TRUE.
You just can not own everything in this world. No matter how much you try, you just can not have the things at your own will… You can not make them happen for you, if they are not meant to be.

Depends on how early you get this fact clear in your mind , the happier you would be in your life. If you keep on crawling back for things no matter how strong it would be a futile act and believe me you wouldn’t get anything good out of this.

Someone may argue that if you didn’t try for it , ‘how could something be yours in this damn world…? ‘ But my friend, you forgot that how much pain that one thing gave you in your past…. That one thing stops you from all the moments you could just make out in your life. You stumble upon that one thing over and over again and lose your own worth.

Okay ,  I would give you a very simple example …  Answer to yourself and make sure you are true to yourself for the least.

Have you ever Loved someone intently?
If they loved you back , FINE ….. but what about all those 75 per cent cases where this love remains a one sided coin…. which never turns the other face…?
It’s not your fault that you loved someone but what your fault is that you were not able to give up this one sided relation [ It wasn’t a relation ever though]  and way ahead it affects your personality heavily . You just not realize that you are losing your worth every second of it. And then you keep on trying [ wasting ] your life upon this in hope of this one sided coin to have its second face up too. But , it would not work out somehow.

The earlier you know yourself , the better you do in your life. Discover Yourself , which is not a matter of seconds or days….It’s a matter of a moment. Knowing yourself would simply imply that you hear to your conscience and follows yours mind . LEAVE BEHIND WHAT HURTS YOU…. Look around yourself and cherish those infinite reasons god gave you to be happy of.

Why not make the best out of them… Why to just hang up on that one thing which gives you nothing but unhappiness… ??




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