Loneliness Strikes Strong…

Here I walk¬†on the lonely road which has no ends, maybe. You never knew you would be such lonely in a second when everything was like , perfect OK…. ūüėá

Have you ever felt that you are surrounded by many people though no one can understand what you want  ??
Have you ever strongly desired that someone asks you ” Are you fine ?”¬†and you strongly desire to answer to say ”¬†No, I’m not. ” but end up smiling with ” Yes, of course !!! ” …….. ???ūüėď

Actually, no one in this world can help you out of that loneliness which comes out of no good reason. These just not so good¬†moments make you realize all the faults you’ve done in life and all the shit that you’re in your¬†present.

The moment when you keep on repeating your favourite song which does nothing but helps you become more alone mentally.¬†Living in dark is what you like now, not talking to anyone is what you do now, walking alone for no reason to¬†places all alone is what you want now……. The shattered¬†pieces in you say that they would never join because this loneliness ¬†dominates you more.¬†

The heal of this is with no one in this world is what you start to think… you don’t eat, don’t interact……… still a¬†part in you wants to live, enjoy as before you use to……

Flashback comes in front of your eyes and you start to look for reasons in the¬†past which has resulted in this but only find memories which hurt you even more…. You stop thinking but now you can’t avert or stop what you’ve started……..¬†

This is when you need that one¬†person with that Magic Wand which could fix everything back to normal. You will certainely find that¬†person near you…
You would cry your heart out with them who would surely never deny¬†their shoulder for the same. Your tears would¬†strengthen¬†your relationship and you’ll find a smile on their face which would heal all those moments you’ve been wasting yourself upon till now.
You would smile with tears still in your eyes…. you would hug them signifying how¬†badly you needed someone at this stage and that they are that someone….¬†

You come to your normal state and decide that no matter what happens you won’t give a damn to it and live YOUR¬†life YOUR¬†way…. the way which makes you cherish your life. It’s not surprising , if that special someone stands at your door next month to have a shoulder.
This cycle goes on ūüėČ




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