She means a lot…

It doesn’t matters that what the shit I might be going through in my life, a day with her is all what I need. Even at the last step of the life, when I’ve lose all hopes of doing whatsoever right…. She came and made it all just the exact right I needed. Yes, she is worth mentioning about and would always be.
She even don’t know that her mere presence gives me all the world’s happiness now. I would never ever tell her but still there’s a charm that would never lose of her.
Her lifestyle is just not so similar to everyone…. She laughs out aloud and makes me too do it… even when I don’t want to. I just don’t laugh to please her but that inside of me want to laugh when she does and I guess that has made all the difference. It would not be wrong if I say that she is the difference girl for me and would always be.
I don’t want to lose her ever because I somewhere know that I could not find someone just so good and If you think you’ve someone like this then don’t get late in telling them this fact….. Who knows you didn’t get a chance at all later.


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