6 Incidents Which Made My Year…

Best part is Reviewing…

Life was sailing fast…. while I was still struggling to match up the pace….
The new year has already begun and everyone was busy wishing a happy 2015 to others. I didn’t find a good reason to justify everyone being so happy on this. I was still not over my past which was quite unsuccessful for me.

I had screwed up in all fields of life and was hopeless of anything good to me if can ever happen. Things were not good to me or one might say I was not good to them.
No one knew, not even me that 2015 has so much for me in its lap.

January passed like nothing [as expected] and February came with some more snow and cold. Days were bright but cold was no less.

First Gift
I had started enjoying the life but suddenly something has to be wrong and so was it there…. Bang Bang. Our college suddenly closed down due to some security issues and soon we were way back home. I know this isn’t that bad 😝 …. Still [I had a problem of blaming].

I was home exactly on 14th february.  I thought this is a chance given to me by god…. why not make the maximum of it. I called her [don’t ask me who]…. Unexpectedly, she sounded sweet [compared to other days] and I didn’t miss a chance to ask her out with me. Well, she did agree and we met.
We clicked, we ate, we roamed and most importantly we adored each other… We liked each other’s company. It was a memorable day which 2015 gifted me.

Second Mark


Well , till now I was quite optimistic in my approach as I had a good time and life has begun to take shape. I was enjoying my college days.
Someone may ask what’s so special about this 2nd mark  but for me it was there on the list…. I never enjoyed in my 1st year of college life though this year was not that bad. I made good friends, found some real interests to focus on and especially handful but nice seniors…..
All of it was worth and I wanted the whole life to be this way.

Third Tremor

Since everything was running smooth, my Karma striked  me once again[ I call my bad luck as Karma]….. We were in the end of our semesters and just before our semester exams , we witnessed an earthquake.

For someone like me, earthquakes were new…. It was hard digesting the fact that hilly areas are often struck by these tremors.
Actually we witnessed many tremors of earthquake at that time which were making it impossible to conduct the semester exams . It was not possible to give the exams safely and once again we had to rush to our homes. The summer vacations were preponed by half a month.

The effects of that Earthquake are well known to each one of us. Nepal saw a major setback. Several other parts of Earth felt it and suddenly everything was just not so OK….
Earthquake is not a new word to me now…… 😁


Fourth Issue

I don’t know why I call it a issue, it was meant to be my life’s most wonderful day. I was about to meet my 7 year old crush. She is the most wonderful girl for me in this world [ I just can’t name her] .
She was my everything and will always be. She somehow decided that it’s just not two of us who would meet but a mutual friend of ours Ankyy [ Ankita ] would also be joining us [actually I’m thankful of her for this].

We met at KFC [not ‘so good’]…. I was expecting that our mutual guest would somehow not let my rendezvous being so successful but then she turned out to be the diamond of that mine [ I’ll talk later about her].
My crush and I had some good time together. We chatted, roamed here and there [ not to forget window shopping]. Each moment with her made me realise even more that I didn’t waste my 7 years…. She was worth every second of it.


Fifth Star

I have a big reason behind naming this as fifth star. Actually, she is Five stars for me. I always give her 5 stars on any review. Be it beauty, attitude, her talkings or anything…. I have my hands raised up which say 5 stars Ankyy.
Yes, you got it right… I’m talking about Ankita. She came in my life as a 3rd person but became the 1st one. I could not thank god [ or someone who would take this credit] enough for gifting me the bestest 5 star friend.
I’m in an awe of anything she does and for me she’ll be the best of minions 😊 Be it her sensitive teeth [sorry 😁] or her dracula’s smile or her funky red shoes with that red stole… I love it all.
Apart from this , we became each other’s stress saviour.


Final stroke

Till now that insect of socialising was rasing it’s hands from my inside. I had a strong desire to write… I was unable to figure out that from where should I start. I made a facebook page and a group both named as ” If I don’t show, doesn’t means I don’t know “…… Well, the starting was not that bad…. I wrote constantly for some months and still going but just could not find a good amount of audience [my fault] but we still socialise on our group and it’s working fine.

Then , someone suggested me to blog….. thanks for that but I already knew that I had to do it…  I searched down the net and saw WordPress meeting my demands.
Then what…. I am publishing now. 😊


I am glad that 2015 was such good to me with some gem of moments to pick up from the bag of so many other sweet memories which I could not share for some reasons (I’ve bored you guys enough)……I’m sure you all too have some great moments in the year…. For the least jot them down in your brain and for once re-live them, you’ll feel better.
I’ll make 2016 even bigger and expect you all too to make this a resolution for 2016 . 😉

I wish you all a very  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 


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  1. Anju says:

    It is just so good.
    You’re awesome friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much.
      I’m glad you liked it.


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