Charity begins at Home …

Do you believe in God……….. ???
Do you agree that he would always be there to help you out… ?

If yes , good enough  but let us encounter with some truth first.

So , are you all ready for a reality check ??

Each one of us have some beliefs and interests which are a part of our sole identities. They show what we think, indirectly reflects what we are.
Have you ever judged yourself? 
Do you know that a person can be the best judge of himself? 
Do you ask yourself such questions ever? 
This process is what we call reality check…. It gives you proper time to feel yourself…. see what is inside-out of you.
It’s our duty to distinguish between the right and not so right things often. I know we all have fears of things which are not so as per our ways. We fear things which weakens us….
Many of you may not agree to what I’m going to say now but at least scan through it. Surely, it is going to affect you.


We have a god to whom we can pray. To be more clear actually we make a deal with him by offering our prayers to him and in turn we want our work to be done and we name them as his blessings being showered upon us….

What we don’t realize or to be more precise we don’t want to accept the reality because we are too much dependent on this fictional god that we fear our own potential now and start doubting them.

It surely will lower our confidence, depress us, harm our self esteem. We know if we didn’t succeed then we have someone to blame on and that someone has to be the god.
It’s not about one or two persons…. Its about YOU,  about ME.  You hesitate from putting your best efforts but  never fail to complain because that’s human nature.


Gautama Buddha spent his whole life teaching people that   “Desires are the root cause of all the sufferings”. He was against the beliefs prevailing in societies all his life. He was against worshiping idols.

But what happened after his death??
Several temples and idols were created of him. offerings and prayers to him….
Now my question is: Did even a single human on Earth understood what he wanted to say in the right way?
Certainly many did, but what about others? His whole Life’s teachings would be a waste if we can’t implement what he taught or tried to.

Believe in yourself

I would just like to mention that we all have problems and big problems actually. But this doesn’t means that someone else would come to solve them for you….not even GOD.
Stay calm and be patient. Believe in  yourself because no power is bigger than you and no one actually cares about you more than you do yourself.

For some time if we go your way also… i.e. god might come to help you out but this way there are millions and billions of people praying to him. He must be such busy looking over a populations of such large numbers.
Why would he hear to you only ?
Even if he did, if you are lucky enough , then it won’t be instantaneous. After all, its all in probability…….. I’m assuming that we all know how to calculate probability of an event. So, calculate your probability of being helped by god to solve your problems which comes out to be one of thousands of billions.

Would you wait such long?
Hahaha of course not …………….. What I would recommend is that a better option  would be,  Lets do it ourselves. At least you may try to do it….

You may not succeed at every point of life but you will surely succeed at many points now. The fact that matters is you did it yourself.
there can not be a better feeling in this world than this. You will succeed as a person  now  because  God too help those who help themselves . Do believe, but act too…..

I hope you will coincide with me in the thoughts such simple and clear…


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Nitish says:

    Nice one… Keep going .


  2. Anju says:

    So true…. I loved the article.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ThanksAnju…means a lot to me.


    1. Hmm… its a universal truth yet we don’t understand.


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