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Welcome…. Hope you’ll cherish your time.


Have you ever felt that you have quite a many sufferings in life? actually all the sufferings are suddenly coming your way only?

If yes, then my friend you’re not alone in this. Believe me around 80% people in this world are thinking this way and if you never did it , then you must be an unique piece though.

The fact is that we are not satisfied with what we have. We always see for what we don’t have or we keep on searching for reasons that makes us unhappy and then crawling on them back and back again, unable to lead a happy life. Isn’t it?

You know what I feel.… One should never be satisfied with what we have. I know many of you will say that we should be contended with what we have and all that bla bla……

Wait…. think for a minute. If everyone in the world would have been happy with whatever amount they have, with whatever amount of part they own in this world then what would have happened ?

The world would have stopped…. a kind of standstill world is what you have in front of you. No one wants to contribute something they can of their potential because they are busy posing that they are contended with whatever they have.

New innovations , reasearches nothing would remain a fantasy at all….. What do you have to say now….??
Do you want a world like this where everyone is just busy minding their own businesses and it doesn’t matters to the person next to you that what in this damn life you are going through.

The answer is certainely NOT….. Whether you agree or not, you have to accept it that we all are attention seekers. If someone says a NO, then ask him his name and Eureka he just now did a thing to seek attention just by denying the fact that he’s not one.

…………………..                                                                               …………………….

The truth is we all want the world to know us, our identities and we all want to do something different so that world recognises us for what we are good at and it’s an awesome habit that each one of us should posses.

So, finally what we arrive at is that satisfaction is not the key factor which guides our way of happiness. It is something different and very unnoticed thing now.

Any guesses what it could be…..??
What is it that has made your life not so easy for you ? What is it that is making you feel that you are alone facing everything yourself ?

I know many of you till now would have figured it out quite a few possible reasons for the same….

So, lets list them down now.

They are …..

  1. Ignorance from your beloved ones.
  2. feeling of inferiority
  3. discrimination on any basis 
  4. expecting more


  • Ignorance is something no one of us could probably accept.
    I would recommend you to be YOU…. faking as some one else or unknowingly copying someone you like is a serious reason for ignorance .Seems wild to know this but then its true… If you have the guts to be you, it would automatically bring in a difference in your lifestyles and with time people will start cherishing your presence , enjoying your company….. Try it out.


  • Inferior to someone is unacceptable to all of us. we hate it when someone proves or tries to show their dominance over us. We are the kings of our lives and we don’t want anyone to make us feel low of our own self.You will find a lot of difference if you start living your life your own way . Someone might say that I emphasize more on this fact but then it’s the key to happiness.


  • Discrimination always brings in a feeling of unhappiness in our lives. Be it a discrimination on any basis, it would divide people and bring in a lot of differences  even within those who were together at some point of time.


  • Lastly, none of us can deny claiming the fact that expectation brings in a lot of troubles in our lives. We trust someone and start building castles of expectation and when they land you up on ground you just don’t know how to react and can’t accept it which leads to unhappy lives. Look into yourselves you’ll know the answers yourself.
    (I’ll discuss about this part in my next coming blogs in details.)

Whenever you expect something from someone , keep yourself at his/her stake and then decide that what you are expecting, would it had been you could you have done it…. be true to yourself in this, you’ll get a rough answer of this  but it would be the TRUTH . …. It’s worth a try.

Life gives us many chances, what matters is when are WE ready to make out the best of it…..
If you have a positive outlook , surely you are gonna make the most of it.
                      So friends Be Happy, Be connected







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  1. Rahul says:

    Nice one

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    1. Thank you very much. It was nice knowing that.


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